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Sarah Clozza

Being a pretty organised and de-cluttered person engaging a De-Cluttering business was not something that was on my mind, however after witnessing the simple ideas and changes that ‘A Clutterless Life’ brought to a friend’s house, I was sold!

Julie and Bernadette implemented many space saving and organisational ideas to my home and it was a delight to discover that there are in fact better ways of doing things! I can access clothes easier, find shoes quicker, hang things that I didn’t know I could and find myself with a more organised, simpler and more spacious home.

I can highly recommend ‘A Clutterless Life’ no matter what stage of de-cluttering you are at or want to achieve!

 Joe's Kitchen

Joe's Kitchen

Home Care work - helping the aged stay in their home

Kate Barrett-LennardSolutions for Life Relationships and Work; Individual and Family Counsellor

Julie and Bernadette from " A Clutterless LIfe" recently did a declutter job for a client of mine. He had not done a real 'clean out' for 25 years  and 20 of these he had been caring for his ill wife and in the last 5 years Joe had suffered  with Parkinsons. Please imagine the combination of muddle-chaos and uncleanliness he lived in!!

In 1.5 days  the girls had transformed this apartment!! It was barely recognisable with a combination of beauty and order  to be seen in each  room. Jo said "Its been 25 years since my apartment looked like this- back when my wife was well. I cant believe it"

I add that Julie and Bernadette did this job going '...the extra 10  miles" giving Jo a discount as a disability pensioner, mending pants for him and offering compassion and understanding at every turn; in more ways than I will ever know Im sure - because they came gently- bringing humility and care as well as  efficiencies to their work.

If you know someone whose life could benefit from this gentle understanding touch that brings order and beauty back into  the home - go no further. I could recommend no-one more highly than the women from "A Clutterless Life" Book them and enjoy the outcome of their work for years to come. (An investment for wellbeing clarity and focus for Life)

Kyle Doonan

Hi Julie and Bernadette

I very much appreciated you guys coming into my home and organising my surroundings.

 Since moving into my new home two and a half years ago I had not made the  time nor had the patience and energy to make my home how I would like it.

 The changes in furniture locations and general decluttering and organisation that you two grand masters of the decluttering world provided have made a monumental improvement to my day to day pleasure of enjoying my home. The principles you have shared with me by doing this decluttering work is really a lovely gift as they can easily be replicated and continue in other areas of my life.

 The foundations you laid in one day of decluttering have given me real inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm to move on and tackle other areas, like the shed.

 Thank you so much for your fine work and I’d be very happy to recommend you to anyone who wants a more manageable environment.

Kind Regards,
Kyle Doonan 

Pip Slaughter of Hilton

They exceeded my expectations - there was no pressure or judgement, just friendly, efficient common sense help! 24.1.17