Never be overwhelmed again!
We listen to what you want and then we do the hard work!

We know what it is like to want a work/life balance. By taking your clutter away you can focus on the important things in life - family, friends and having fun. No Job is too big or too small, we come for a consultation with pen and paper to hear your concerns.

Julie comes with a wealth of experience in helping families rationalise their possessions.  She has worked in the real estate game and helped clients get ready for sale. She is very good at problem solving and has the empathy to know what is required at the time and how to sort through the clutter of life.

Julie and the team come with experience and style.  They have a background in design and the arts.  They have decluttered many a home - downsized parents to go into a small unit. They have packed up many a family helping them sort through life's clutter. Being minimalistic is the ultimate sophistication. 

Julie and the Team have a history of caring for parents who suffered from dementia and Alzheimers.