Originating in Perth, Western Australia our business aims to clean and declutter your home using the Japanese KonMari method.  Through a simplified approach, by getting rid of excess clutter you will only hold on to those things that give you joy and make you happy, leading to a more contented life. 


Our Team

 Bernadette and Julie 

Bernadette and Julie 

Women who come with experience and style.  

We understand what it's like to be busy and overwhelmed by clutter.  We focus on what you want and then we do the hard work of cleaning & decluttering.

Our Services

 Before and After - what a difference!

Before and After - what a difference!

No job is too big or too small.  

From packing up your house, your wardrobe or your parents to redesigning spaces - we do it all.  Tell us what you want to achieve and we get the job done efficiently.

Contact us

Contact us by email or phone - register your message here and will be in touch within 24hrs.  If you want to give a voucher to a loved one, we can arrange it - you send us the details and we do the rest.


Starting at $100 for friends and loved ones and those who have too much of everything - helping them start the process leading to a calmer life.


“We deal with small and large jobs, from a wardrobe to a room or a house. We are often called on to rationalize a wardrobe/s for women who cannot reduce the amount of their clothes”