Decluttering is not a Synonym for Disposing

Having just come back from travelling overseas, the trend in design is to group like or different objects together, mostly an eclectic array of photos, plates stitchery samplers or icons. Having been brought up in a catholic household where crucifixes dominated the walls, I understand the dilemma of 'what to do with them without appearing to be conducting an exorcism. The result of collating objects is magical and in grouping them the focal point falls on each individual piece.

Many people think that decluttering is disposing and this is furtherest from the truth.  Our aim is to work with our clients seeing what they want.

Our method is to divide your items into 4 parts - all your choices:

1. Those that you love and want to keep

2. Those that you want to sell

3. Those that you want to donate

4. Those that need to be thrown away.